Yuzoolthemes cart simple stack to enable PayPal payments

I have not been able to get the Yuzoolthemes cart simple stack to enable PayPal payment on a website I’ve done. I followed the “selling on-line” tutorial by @dan where he uses Nick Cates Light Page Single, Light Page Base, and Photo Base stack to list all the products. Then he uses the Yuzoolthemes cart simple and cart enabler stack to add the “Check out with PayPal” button. When I try to Check out with PayPal I get an Access Denied page saying I don’t have permission to access PayPal.com/cgi-bin/webscr on this server.

I corresponded with Michael at Yuzool and he found an error where I had left the default PayPal email in a couple of places and I fixed those but it still will not work. I’ve checked that the PayPal address I have for my client is correct (it is) but still doesn’t work. I just emailed Michael but he is on vacation till Aug 13th so I’m hoping someone on this forum might have an idea to help figure this out.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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I had a similar issue with the Pay stack from YuzoolThemes

The page I had the stack on was off another page so the url was /summer/pay

I moved the page to be /pay and it worked for me.

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for your suggestion Steve. I have a page called ‘Jewelry’ and under it a subpage of ‘necklaces’ which os a listing of all the choices of necklaces. That page is called ‘/jewelry/necklaces/’ When I click on the first choice of the necklaces, I get the necklace description with an ‘add to cart’ button. That page is called ‘/jewelry/necklaces/#’ .
When I click on the second choice of the necklaces, I get the necklace description with an ‘add to cart’ button but that page is called ‘/jewelry/necklaces/#1’ . It seems odd to me that the second choice is #1 and it goes on down the line incrementally for all the necklace choices.
Now if I click on the Add to Cart button on any of the necklace pages, I get the window with the total cost and the ‘Check out with PayPal’ button. If I click on the Check out with PayPal button, I get the Access Denied page and the page in the browser is https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr

So I don’t think I have the Pay stack on a different page as you had. Does my above description, give you any other thoughts?

I’m wondering if PayPal has done something that doesn’t allow the PayPal Pay stack of Yuzool to work. I’ll have to wait till Michael gets back from vacation to see what he thinks.


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Thanks for bearing with my @bpequine over the summer :slight_smile:

You are using Cart1 (not Pay Stack) and it works fine with the current PayPal status and API.

The error on the page is generated by an incorrect link added in the Success/Cancel parts of the Stack. These need to be absolute URLs so for example https://www.dog-lake-trading.com/success/ or whatever your page will be :slight_smile:


When I added those, I could checkout in RW via PayPal fine:

Hope that helps and good luck with the project!



Hi Michael,

Thank you so much for sleuthing this out. I wonder if that detail was left out of Ben Counsel’s tutorial. I’ll have to go back and check. Nevertheless, I’m happy to have this problem solved!



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