18th anniversary with RMS, promo 30%off


Today marks the anniversary of when I officially started developing goods for Realmac. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long :flushed:

So, here’s a promotion to celebrate many years of work.
30%Off on al products, Themes &Stacks

thanks to everyone!


Congratulations! I do hope you continue to develop for Realmac long into the future. Another 18+ I hope!

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Happy anniversary @MultiThemes! :tada:

You’ve been a staple in the RapidWeaver community and your products and customer support are of the highest quality.

Looking forward to another 18 years and seeing all the amazing things you come up with for RapidWeaver Elements!


Well said @dang :clap:

Congrats @MultiThemes on 18 years, it’s been a pleasure to work with you and see you support RapidWeaver and the community for so many years, you rock :metal:

Here’s to the next 18 :tada:

@dang @dan
Thanks a lot ! adding another couple of decades wouldn’t hurt! :smile:
There are so many sites :sunglasses: out there with RW and my themes and I’m very happy about that.


just to remind everyone that the promotion 30%Off ends today!