Realmac celebrates 17 years on the Mac!

Hello Weavers!

Today marks the anniversary of when I officially started Realmac :tada: It was way back on the 19th of November 2002. 17 years ago. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long. The years certainly feel like they are starting to fly by faster than ever before…

I really should do an in-depth post at some point about our history, but today is not that day. Today is about celebrating!

And to celebrate surviving the ups and downs of the unforgiving technical landscape for the past 17 years, we’re offering 30% off all our products. The discount includes RapidWeaver, Squash, our tutorial video series, and subscriptions over at the RapidWeaver Community website.

This offer will be valid over the sales period of Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

I really appreciate all the support we’ve had over the years and feel very thankful for being able to get up and do this everyday.

Viva la Realmac!


Congrats on surviving history… I am a software company, single person, who has survived 30 years on the Mac and Windows though Mac is my main… you’ve got a great product, I can only see it getting better for RW…

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Thankyou Realmac !!! I am Swedish. Yes I have used Realmac everyday since you launched this wonderful programme :slight_smile:
It has worked without any problems all the time - until recently when I lost my password for Realmac :frowning: Can you help me to retrieve this, Please !!???

@CapnJensen Thanks for the support :beers:

Just drop an email and we’ll get you back up and running!

Congrats to the Realmac team!!! Happy anniversary!

Yes, congratulations. I think I’ve been using RW since version 2 and it’s good to see it’s still going strong. Of course, strong developer support and Stacks have been essential to your success but those are only there because you provided good plug-in architecture and fostered a vibrant community. Well done!

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I can’t believe it’s been so long since I first downloaded Button Builder 1.0 :partying_face:
Congratulations Guys!!!

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