Thank you Dev's - from a Gold Subscriber

Just wanted to say thank you to Realmac for making the subscription service options available to us customers.

A BIG shout-out to the following Dev’s for giving us a sample of their work (in no particular order):

@joeworkman for the Slot Machine Stack
@BLTDesign for the Prelude Theme
@yabdab for the MapSnap Stack
@yuzool for the Sidebar Theme
@gibo for the RapidCart 3 Plugin
@weaver for the Shift Theme
@1LittleDesigner for the cleanTabs Stack
@instacks for the Blog Stack (typed dot com compatible)
Realmac Software for their 3 premium Themes (Official, MarketIt & Highlight) - I’d mention you but had a 10 mention limit lol, so to Dan, Ben, Nik and Elliot)

By doing this you have given me a preview of your work without having to purchase something first (other than the Gold Subscription). This assists me with future purchases from each of you as I get to know your style and dependability for support & updates. You folks ROCK and I personally thank you for your contributing to the Gold Subscribers and furthering our knowledge about you and your products.

I haven’t yet had the ability to use each of these items, but I will at some point and will leave an appropriate review here on the RapidWeaver Community for your product(s).

To all other Developers out there, I invite you to encourage me to buy your products by providing a sample of your work to Gold Subscribers through Realmac Software. A preview is nice, but to own something and actually play with it gives me the ability to see your style and update frequency which helps me determine what to buy and from whom.

Again, thank you to those that have provided stacks, plugins and themes to us Gold Subscribers.



Sounds great!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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Thanks for supporting the Community site, and RapidWeaver, Brad! :smiley:


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Thanks Brad and my pleasure :slight_smile:

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