Realmac Software Turns 16 — SAVE 30%

(Dan) #1

Just a quick note to let you know our Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal has started early! So, if you’ve been putting off upgrading to RapidWeaver 8, now is the time to do it!

Here’s a link to the email with all the details:

Thanks for all your support over the years, we really couldn’t do this without you.

Here’s to the next 16!

RW Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals roundup
(Dan) #2

(Humberto Hernandez) #3

Happy Birthday Guys…
Feliz Cumpleaños…

Sunny Puerto Rico

(Joe Workman) #4

It’s been a sweet ride so far! 2018 turned out to be a rebuilding year for me. I am super excited for 2019 though :tada:

(Dan) #5

Yeah, I can’t believe it’s been 16 years!

There’s plenty of good stuff in the pipeline, from us and the amazing third party community — Here’s to an awesome 2019 and beyond for the RapidWeaver community :tada:

(Jim Cook) #6

I just upgraded RW8 a few days back. The difference I paid is $20 U.S. Any chance of getting this returned to me? Thanks,

(Ken) #7

@dan For all those considering an Upgrade MacFormat just awarded Rapidweaver 5 Stars - the best rating to date, although RW often appears in the MacFormat “Best Buys”

(Dan) #8

@Jimbo Just drop support an email and they will help you out!

(Jamie) #9

Great discount, now have Rapidweaver 8!

(Dan) #10

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