1LD Assemble Stack

I have recently purchased the 1LD Assemble Stack and have a couple of questions (I have asked 1LD but no response as yet) I just wondered has anyone else found the following confusing:

  1. The “Animation Settings” - from “Fade” to “Zoom Out Short” don’t seem to make any difference to the animation?
  2. When I exported the Assemble Stack to a test file, when opening the index in Safari or Chrome, the location where the Assemble stack is blank, where as all the other stacks show.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

not sure if this helps, this is what happens for me
fade on left zoom on right

I have the same problem and also no answer to my support request. I accept the 1LD as a small team support queries can not always answer immediately. But if you publish a new stack, you should at least then be prepared for support requests and respond.
I will not buy any more stacks from this developer first.


I have a small compatibility problem with Assemble too but I’m sure that it will be resolved sometime soon. That is definitely no reason not to buy any more Stacks from 1LD. There are some really good Stacks by 1LD and I like them just as I like the Stacks from all the other developers here.

Patience isn’t a bad thing…maybe something unforeseen happened?

My problem is that it doesn’t work well with the Sentry CMS Stack…

Sentry + Scribe = Hipwig/Edit OK
Sentry + Scribe + Assemble = Hipwig/Edit doesn’t show

IMO, The Assemble Stack is a good idea. However, apart from the “Assemble” type choice on the animation settings, the rest seems to work the same as any other animation stack.

I addition, I still can’t figure out why when I export a page containing the stack to a folder, when I click on the index file (containing the Assemble stack) the contents in the Assemble stack don’t appear on the browser page?

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