Share It Circles stack missing animation

Attempting to use Joe Workman’s Share It Circles stack.

I originally tried using it using the Elixir Navigation theme. After some discussion, it was decided that the issue I was having, one of the share circles showing when the page was loaded, was an incompatibility between the theme and the stack. So I switched to using Joe’s Like It stack.

There was another issue which I didn’t mention to either at the time because I figured I’d tackle one issue at a time. The Share It Circles stack didn’t have the animation I had chosen when published. The share circles simply appeared when I hovered over the button.

So now I’m experimenting using the Share It Circles stack using Foundation. Well, I must not be holding my mouth right. I can’t get the animation to work in Foundation either. Works great in RW preview, but not on the server (MAMP Pro)

Once again, the circles just appear when hovering over the button, no animation. The small share circles work fine when they appear.

Since I can’t get the animation to work even with Foundation, I’m obviously doing something wrong.

Here’s my small project file on Dropbox. Figured Joe would want to see it.

I downloaded the exported site that you linked to and Share It is working perfectly for me.

Ah ha! I use Chrome. Just tried it in Safari. Works great there. Wonder what setting in Chrome I need to change to see it work properly?