Screens Stack - Animation help

I’m working on a new site that uses the Screens stack (via Foundation). Everything’s been going well so far except for an issue with the animations.

The animations work perfectly in Safari (both desktop and iPad/iPhone), each screen has an animation that shows up as you scroll down to it. However in Chrome (desktop and my Android phone) and Firefox, all the animations appear at once so that when you scroll down, the text is already there instead of animating in. Anyone else have that issue and what might cause it? (Animations are set to only show once.)

Any help would be appreciated.


This is a known issue with the browsers. We have never been able to figure out why this happens, but the issue is with the browser itself. Sorry about that.

Thanks Zeebe!

I don’t suppose you happen to know if Animagic work with Screens?

Yes it does work with Screens

Ah ha! That explains why the Share-It stack doesn’t animate in Chrome.

@1335Days Actually, that seems to be a different bug, as it does not use the same animation library as the animate stacks in Screens. I have let Joe know about this bug and he is looking into it.