Article Stack by 1LD

Just started using @1LittleDesigner Article stack and for the life of me I can’t get my articles to open up in a new window. I tried using JW’s pdf embed stack in the “Drop Stacks Here” window in the Article stack and link to my article but when I preview in Safari, I only see part of the text in a small window. I also tried using a Text stack with same result. Tried various settings in edit mode for Article stack but can’t get it to work the way it does on the demos on 1LD’s website.



Mary: This was an identified bug in the Article stack. It has been updated today to verson 1.02. (I think that’s the correct number.) Have you updated to the latest verson?


Thank you @Mathew. I had just downloaded it yesterday so hadn’t checked for any updates. Yes, I’ve updated it now and it works as it should. I love these forums!


Glad there was an easy fix!

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