Photo Stack from Nick, make smaller Thumbs

Hello folks,

I made a gallery with the photo stack from NC. You can see it on
Its all fine, but I want smaller Thumbnails. I mean not the File size. What I mean is the View of the Thumbnails.
Any idea ?
I dont know how .

Thanks from germany


Hi, Stephen,

Nick’s Photo gallery allows up to 5 columns of thumbnails. You have 4 columns. I am afraid that increasing that to 5 is your only option to make thumbnails smaller.

I’ve noticed that some of your thumbnails do not load fully – like in this Bilbao gallery (see screenshot).

Sometimes, they finish loading on page refresh, but not always. This is caused by too big file-size of each thumbnail. You should consider using separate image files for thumbnails and for display. Images for thumbnails should be much smaller in dimensions and in file-size than display images.

Hey thanks for your help.
So I must live with the big size of the thumbnails.
And also must create the thumbs too.
But how can I use the thumbs to show on the page.
I understand that I use the thumbs for overview and after click on the thumb the site will be show the big one .

If you use the “Warehouse” option to show your images, you can have a big image for the “Full Image”, and a smaller version of the same image for the “Thumbnail Image”.

If you’re not sure how to “warehouse” your images, Will Woodgate made a handy guide.

@SteveHH – All my images are warehoused. This is my way to use separate thumb and display image files.

  1. In Photo Group, I choose Photo Single (see screenshot):

Photo Single

  1. Now, see the settings panel:

Photo Single Settings

There are two fields for inputting URLs – one is for full image (display) and the other is for thumbnail image. There is also a field for your caption.

I hope this helps…

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