Thumbnail problems with Nick Cates Photo stack

Have recently created a new website for my sculpture and find Gallery 3 does a good job of everything except thumbnails.

My problem is that if I allow Gallery 3 to produce low res thumbnails then they look really fuzzy and poor, unsuitable for high end work. However, there appears to be no way to use high quality thumbnails and if i don’t use the low res ones, the thumbnails take an age to load, or only half load.

Help would be most appreciated.
Thanks in advance

That all depends on the images you use, or more precisely the image child stacks you use.

A link to your website always helps.

With the FTP integration, you are able to use own self generating thumbnails (see subfolder thumbs).

@musicalbodger As Jannis said, no link and it’s really impossible to help you. There could be several issues at play.

It would also help to be more specific: what’s the average size (in kb) of your thumbnails?

How many images are in your gallery?

There’s a huge difference between a gallery of 300 images vs. 30 images. So that info is also very helpful to have.

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Really sorry, guys.

Thanks Jannis @instacks, I hadn’t noticed the subfolder thumbs instructions before. Please could you tell me what “Photostream Web Directory child stack” means. What’s a child stack? I probably need to do a bit of woodshedding with all this, I’m a bit stale and out of date at the moment.

Thanks Mathew @Mathew, I didn’t create any thumbnails as I didn’t know how to load them via this stack. The stack, or something :smile: is creating a thumbnail but it’s very slow. Current site has about 20 galleries, one thumbnail per gallery, 6 - 12 images per gallery. Eventually I will have approx 60 galleries with 3 - 10 images in each, one thumbnail per gallery.



The site I am looking at, e.g., is implemented with Nick Cates Photo stack.

Please be more exact. Thanks.

Very sorry Jannis @instacks , I was unaware there was another stack called Gallery 3. Thank you for your help anyway.

Aah, I see the confusion. My ‘library’ was arranged by tags which meant Gallery 3 and Nick Cates Photos were all grouped together, appearing to me as if they were one and the same. My apologies.

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