Migrate to new design and not damage SEO

I have used a theme to get the current site up quickly but plan to redesign and use Foundation & Stacks. How can I do this without harming SEO?

Almost anything you do can have an impact on a sites SERP ranking. Hopefully what you do has a positive impact.

Other than the usual “SEO” stuff on the new site (proper h1, h2, h3’s, well organized excellent content, etc, etc).

  • Make a list (numbers or excel work well for this) of all your current sites URL’s, and “map” them to the equivalent “new” sites URL. This might not be a one for one mapping. But for each page(URL) on the current site, think of where you would want a customer to end up on the new site.
  • Then when you cut over to the new site make sure that you put redirects from the old URL to the new URL.

That way any “SEO Juice” you may have accumulated for the old URL’s should carry-over to the new ones.

I think I can keep same structure and naming so that will help. Same server and url so hopefully all good!


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