Photo album collections - how to

I am finding the search facility in the forum is not very good at getting results whereas typing in here seems to get more useful information appearing in an adjacent blue box. However, surprisingly, I have not found an answer which works for me yet…

I am wanting to have a Home Page, within which is a Photo Gallery section, within which are several separate photo galleries. I am wanting to try to learn RW without sticking my hand in my pocket again - for now. I am aware that stacks is a whole new area for me to discover and that the pricey Gallery 3 would probably solve my problem in one go. However, can anyone suggest a simple way to get the result I need within the basic RW capabilities?



Hi Drew,

The only way I can think of achieving that without spending any more money would be to have a Styled text page with - say three images on it, each one representing a different gallery. You then link these to three different Photo Album pages. It’s not as elegant as doing it with something like Nick Cates’ Photo stack or Jannis’ Gallery3 or - probably, because I don’t have it - Will’s ProGallery stack.

Going forward, Stacks is the way to go. It opens up so many more possibilities that many people on here wouldn’t dream of building a site without it.




There are also a few themes in the pages that are made for photographers (and it’s not that deep of a reach into your pocket :wink: )

That’s a good shout Brian. Weaver’s Kingdom does a few of these I think.


Yes, Gallery Stack 3 will solve that for you in different possibilities, and it is well worth the price, as the Stacks Plugin also.

Cheers, Jannis



Thanks everyone for all your helpful comments; they are greatly appreciated.

The problem here boils down to my not appreciating, when I purchased RapidWeaver, that I was getting a somewhat “hobbled” application which requires additional investment to get it to work properly. Some may say “adequately”.

It is not helped by the paucity of information in the guide and the lack of facility to get right to the point when querying support documents but I am where I am and I have started to figure it out, with your kind help.

My objective is to see how much I can do with Rapid Weaver before throwing money at the problem, albeit that it would appear to be money well spent. Having fallen foul of making assumptions about what I would and would not be able to do, I felt I owed it to myself to try to get a fuller understanding of the underlying application, before wading into the sea of Add On and Stack opportunity :0)

For example, although less elegant, I wanted to try Rob’s idea of placing images in a Styled Text page and to link these to separate photo albums, as a basic solution to an immediate problem, which can be enhanced later as time (and funds) permit. Sadly, since receiving that suggestion, I have been unable to find out how to do even that. I expect there will be some information somewhere to enlighten me and I would hate to have to keep asking what seem like basic questions in this forum until you are all sick of the sound of me, so I will persevere with my search.

Please do not misunderstand me; I do not begrudge supporting the busy development enterprise which enhances Rapid Weaver and I will take great pleasure in finding the most stylish and most-like-me Themes and Add Ons in time but, as a designer working in poor light, I need to bump into the walls and furniture a bit to get an appreciation of the space in which I am operating! :smile:

When I next get a free afternoon I am going to spend more time with the free support videos…

This is such a good forum - thanks again


Have you found the PDF manual for Rapidweaver?

Hi Rob

Is this a very diplomatic RTFM? :smile:

I expect I deserve it.

Yup, I have an 84 page v7 manual, which I assume is the one to which you are referring and I paid close attention to pages 11 and 12 but I sense that I need something a little bit more “in depth” to be able to do more; I am that dim I regret.

That said, it is handy to learn lots of “vocab” even if my “grammar” remains unimproved!



It really wasn’t. The RealMac people put the manual up then took it down because the program kept being developed and they didn’t have the resources to keep the manual up to date. This means at times it’s been tricky to hunt down. Plenty of people have missed it.

Try this.

  1. Start a new RW project
  2. Click the Add button top left and choose All Plugins
  3. Select Styled Text
  4. You’ll see a new empty page
  5. Find a JPG or PNG to use as a thumbnail for your first gallery - something square at 150px or 200px should do
  6. Drag it onto the empty page and drop it
  7. Do the same with two more images so you’ve got a row of thumbnails, each representing a gallery
  8. Click the first one and choose ‘centre’ from the button bar at the bottom - the three images should shift into the centre
  9. Next, click the Add button again, choose All Plugins and select Photo Album
  10. When that page appears in the list on the left click it once and rename it to Album (or whatever)
  11. Go back to the first page you created and select the first image
  12. Click the Link icon in the button bar at the bottom
  13. When the dialogue box opens, open the drop down URL list and choose Page and then Album (if that’s what you called the Photo Album page)
  14. Click Set link
  15. Click Preview
  16. Click the first image and it will open the Photo Album page
  17. Repeat for the other images/albums

It’s rough and ready but that’ll get you started.



@drew You raise some very valid points and are not alone in your thinking.

RM really should do a better job of the manual and make it easy to find and understand.

I also think that ion the RW web site it should be made clear what RW can do without any addition cost. The RW website claims “This entire website was built with RapidWeaver!” That should really read “RapidWeaver, Stacks and Elixir Foundry and some HTML knowledge”.



Sorry about the slow response; I have been away.

Thank you for taking the trouble to give me this step by step explanation which is greatly appreciated.

If I may I will report back :0]


Hi All,

First post to this forum.

I have the same dilemma as Andrew. I used to use Dreamweaver CS6 for my photography website, but, with Catalina, I am going to have to consider a 64 bit alternative. While RapidWeaver looks attractive, I am confused as to what are the additional essential components I will need to get to be able to make my site conveniently, whilst not breaking the bank.