Client access to image galleries

Hi All,

I may be building a website for a professional photographer and I am looking for a solution that will allow her to access the image gallery on the website from outside of RW in order to upload, tag and rearrange images. I’m aware that Joe Workmen’s Total CMS could probably do this but it seems like overkill for this particular implementation (I may be wrong).

Any other suggestions?


You could also look at the Weaverpix plugin which has a warehousing feature which will let you do this.

Thanks @robbeattie,

I wasn’t sure if this has been updated for RW7 but I’ll look into it again.


It hasn’t been updated specifically for RapidWeaver 7, but it does work in RW 7.

Thanks for the feedback @zeebe.

No problem, love WeaverPix, it is a great plugin. Wish Greg would make a stack component of it too!! Good luck!

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Supports FTP Folders and iCloud Photo Albums.

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Thanks @instacks, I’l check it out.

I am looking for a similar solution for 2 of my clients. I used to update the galleries on their behalf, but they want access so they can add new images without waiting for me. I am currently using Gallery Stack 2, I have no problem upgrading to Gallery Stack 3, but my client doesn’t use iCloud and I don’t think an FTP solution is simple enough for them.

They don’t seed any additional CMS… but a way to update pre-made galleries with new images.

I’m a photographer and used to use Armadillo: As I also built and maintain my website,, I decided to go with Poster Stack,
But Armadillo would be great for a photographer who does not maintain the RW file.

My guess is an FTP solution is simple enough for them if …

  • you suggest/order the client to be used
  • you set it up in advance so all they need to do is “connect”
  • makes it easy to have multiple possible galleries that they update

Your clients know how to use their OS (to some extent). The tricky part of FTPing is really in the setup, but if you have a good dual-pane FTP software then actually doing transfers is simple. Transmit, Yummy, and a few others have very nice dual pane experiences. The “free” ones can be a bit more unintuitive for folks.

Gallery Stack 3 now integrates also with Behance, a free Adobe service: Adding Adobe Behance Photo Projects to RapidWeaver

Beside that, I am working on a media manager which will allow you to manage pictures inside a folder.


I am having a problem with Gallery Stack 3 (it of course could be my ineptitude):

Say I am on the Home page and select page A from the menu.

On page A, I select a gallery and browse 5 photos, then exit the gallery - remaining on page A.

To return to the Home page I must click the ‘browser previous page’ 5+1 times.

Typically, when leaving a gallery, just 1 browser click should return to the Home page and not additional clicks for each page of the gallery visited.

Can anyone clarify?

That depends on the lightbox you are using. The one you have now might be lightGallery, and this one has the feature of storing the latest image opened in the lightbox.

Please send me a PM or email so that I can have a closer look.

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Hey @thebugnut,

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gallery Stack from @instacks! Apart from the fact that it is a BRILLIANT piece of work, Jannis’ support is second to none! Together with Armadillo, it would provide exactly what you need. Sadly, the implementation that I was going to do (following exactly this approach) was canned and I never got to complete the project. Gallery Stack and Armadillo worked faultlessly in testing though.

Hope this helps.

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and it had to be the one I chose, now up and running as desired.

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Where can I get more info on using Gallery Stack with Armadillo? I have both, but I didn’t know they integrated.

If you go to this page you’ll see some instructions as to how they work together.


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I was looking at that page, but it doesn’t tell me whole lot. Does it just generate a gallery based on the images inside a post? And from what I see most of the galleries generated by a remote folder of images don’t include thumbnails unless you make your own, correct?

I actually like the Gallery Stack 2 a little more.

It would be nice to be able to have something that integrates with Google Photos or something more mainstream. These little integrations seem like a bit of a work around and not a solid solution.

I am still looking for other options.


Looked at that, undoable.

Gallery Stack 3.3 allows integration with Adobe Behance and Apple iCloud. Fancy enough?

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