3rd party on-line surveys coming up on my homepage

My site is jiadep.org How can I keep these third party sharks off my site?

Report this to your hosting company. Change the cpanel password, delete all folders in the folder that has your website files and then republish your site using the new password.

If you are not using a password manager to generate secure passwords you really should. I use 1Password but there are lots of password managers out there that won’t be guessed.

Finally, if you are using any PHP on your site make sure you are using the latest version of PHP which I believe is 7.4. You should be able to check in cpanel which version you are running and choose a new version for your site.

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Many thanks for quickly responding. The hosting company ran a check and found malware. I am in the Philippines now (the 3rd world) and using a ISP at my hotel. I should have been using VPN at all times…perhaps this would not have occurred?

I took your advice, changed the pw, deleted all folders and republished.

The hosting company also added:

"I would suggest that you have the site cleaned by a professional to remove this malicious content. The account has been hacked and needs to have security added.”

And this would cost $299.98 for the first year.

Seems a bit of overkill ….I am just an NGO type of operation and do not do financial transactions.


In RW, are you publishing via FTP? If you are, you should switch to either FTPS or SFTP, whichever is supported by your hosting company.

FTP transmits content, including your website login information (user and and password) in the clear (unencrypted).

If you are not using any databases, then just deleting all your folders on the server, changing your password and republishing should be enough. Although, if you are using FTP, switch to FTPS or SFTP and change your password again!


Great advice! Many thanks…so much I don’t know about webbing…


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