Web site security needed, hacked lots of times

Hi All, i created a webiste with Rapidweaver 7 and used Affinity theme from Michael David Design.
but my site has been hacked several times with malicius web pages and on.
Any suggestions how to prevent them, my host told me that CSS has a leak. Hackers could be used to put their malicious web pages and info through this way.

Pls advise.

Thanks all…


First of all, change all website / FTP / host related passwords.

Second, if your host says:

my host told me that CSS has a leak.

Change your host. CSS cannot have a leak.

Hi Jannis, changed FTP / Host related passwords, but still hacked again.
What do you suggest, change the host?

Can you check my web site? And suggest?


Sorry, web site is: www.cankardesler.com.tr

Of course it is difficult to say how the intruder was able to inject code into your website.

If passwords or the password related logins aren’t the problem, you could also have installed server side software (like a CMS), which has a security issue and let intruders inject code.

Or, the host itself is hacked.

Why do you think it is hacked?

Thank you for your comments,
i have changed the DNS into cloudflare and after i changed it, the attacks are blocked.
I suppose our host was hacked and now our site is protected with cloudflare.


Hi, It was hacked several times, even i changed the ftp passwords, deleted all site and re-upload everything, and same thing happened after several times, google sent me a warning email that our website has harmful info and personating as a secure web to steal the credit card info from 3rd party,
then i changed the DNS settings to cloudflare and now everything is secure.

thank you

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