403 error reading pdf

Having issue with PDF Embed
I use this all the time…not sure what is going on.
I was updating the site by replacing PDF Embed OLD with the new version…and not I am getting this…

If you put the URL to the Pdf directly in the browser it’s a 403. http://www.ibize.com/texascountyveterans/pdfs/missionstatement.pdf

This tells me that it’s either a file permission issue on the server. Or you have some htaccess rules that are blocking it.

No other files have been added

Does this help…No htaccess

Have you asked your host? They would know your server setup pretty well. It could be a slew of possible issues.

You also get the 403 on another PDF in that same directory:

Check the permissions on all the directories involved.

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Resolved…a www issue!!! Duh!!!

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