Unable to export and links to PDF get error 403

I’m using RW 8.8. I just made a simple edit to some text changing someones name. When I try to publish it starts and then fails with a pop-up window saying “Unable to Export”. About an hour ago I was adding some PDFs to the site. Uploaded 3 PDFs to resources, set the link to open in a new window. Publishing worked then, but when I check the links via Safari and FireFox, I get error 403: Forbidden. I have no idea how to solve this. Thanks for your help.

Well, I recently got a 403 error myself and it was just me mistyping the link.
Corrected that and it was OK.
Are you using the Cloud? Posting a link would help.


The link Click here for flyer, just points to the resources folder, not a PDF in the folder. It’s a good thing to get a 403 for this, it means that people can’t just browse your site.

Links to this:

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The links on your site do not include the flyer, only the folder the flyer is included.

Did you republish all files? Or just hit update?

I just hit “publish” which I believe just uploads files that have new edits. In the past when I’ve dragged PDFs into the resources, when I go to set the links the files are listed. I have created a folders in resources titled for the year, “2021”, so maybe that’s not the way to do it.

I am using folders for my pdf as well. But you still have to select the single file for each link. Can you do that and please select “Re-Publish all files” and see if this works?

I can, and I’ll admit I’m a bit hesitant as I don’t want it to fail and have the whole site broken. I’ll check it out.

Then you can check first if you have selected the correct file and not only the folder for the link? Addon: I think that is not even possible, so a re-publish all files might be the best approach.

I just got a pop up for a RW update, real this time. I just installed that. Right now I’ve got one page with a text edit, when I hit publish for that one page, I get an error “unable to export”. This is unrelated to PDFs I think.

I’ve also ran a test on the server settings and it’s good.

@teefers do you have an idea?

OK, I just got that sorted. Another problem I’ve been dealing with for some time is when I open the site, often times the photo I have in the “Override Site Banner” fails to load from the resources page. If I drag the jpeg again from my computer to that window, it asks if I want to duplicate or use existing resources, which is what I select, and it populates all the pages with the image. Until I do that, I can’t proceed, and can’t export any edited pages, but I don’t know that until I try to view the page. Bottom line, I was able to upload the edited page. Now back to the PDF issue.

Do you have all files and projects on your local mac disk and not in the cloud, e. g. icloud or dropbox?

On my Mac, and backed up on two more external hard drives

For the PDF, I suggest a re-publish all. But for the problem with the image failing to load - perhaps @dan has a clue here.

I’ll give it a try, thanks

Well that’s interesting. It starts to upload and then about 3-4 minutes in, it fails.

25 of 327 files load then it fails

BTW, I went to your page Programs and then Newsletters, also not working.
It seems like a more general problem? Correct path??