Help with Joe's PDF Embed stack

I have tried using the PDF in the Resource folder method as well as The Warehousing method of placing the pdf on the server and calling it from the PDF Embed URL box. Both methods give me an error message in the pdf top line, but I don’t understand what the message means?! Any help would be most welcome. Screen shot shows the error msg.

The domain in the URL to the PDF file is not the same as the domain of the URL that you have in the browser to your webpage.

Hi Joe,

I had copied and pasted the url, but perhaps something either was left in the box when I transcribed it, or something got truncated.

I moved the test document to the root of the site, before remaking the link in PDF Embed. Saved and republished and Presto - it worked!

Later on I may try putting the target documents into a folder to keep the server tidy.

Thanks a bunch,


what is the URL to the page?

Hi Joe,

The PDF is on the home page.

Thanks from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada In our mini heat wave of +23C instead of the more usual -10C and snow……


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