404 error in CMS fileuploader from MCE editor Dropkick

hello from NYC!
this is a long shot perhaps, but we live in hopes.

I have Dropkick CMS and it has been running hundreds of pages smoothly since Oct 2016. A few days ago whenever I try to add (upload) an image or a file using the menus or the editor buttons, I get this error page:
eg. from this url

Responsive Filemanager
404: Page not found
This error is generated when there was no web page with the name you specified at the web site.
Troubleshooting suggestions:
Ensure the page you are linking to exists in the correct folder.
Check your file name for case sensitivity . Index.htm is not the same as index.htm!
Temporarily disable any rewrite rules by renaming your .htaccess file if it exists.

I’ve restored cms dir and filemanager dir from original and still no love.

I’m not a php programmer so reading the index.php file is not illuminating.

I can’t reach anyone at Yuzool but everyone uses MCE and there are lots of cms on RW so maybe there is something common to all and basic that I’m missing.

Thanks for any insights. stay safe, everyone!

Perhaps a real URL to the page you are getting the 404 error would help you get help.

the page I’m trying to reach is the image database and uploader thingy which is unknown to me. the published webpages all work great, it’s only when I am inside the CMS editor and trying to add an image, media file or other file that the error occurs.

the url refers to the webpage being edited not the image uploader. all the /cms/index.php?page=edit&editID=xx urls are the referring page being edited not the failed 404 destination, my misunderstanding.
for instance, this page: /cms/index.php?page=edit&editID=168 is the top content area on this page: http://www.inpea.net/reports-resources/page-2/

I dont think that the Dropkick CMS ever configured that piece of the puzzle. I am willing to bet that it does not support file uploads. I could be wrong though… maybe there are some docs that prove me wrong.

Joe- Dropkick, at least from when I started using it, in summer 2016, has full support for uploading images, files and media from the editor.

update on situation here responsive file manage window is a popup over the top of the open editor page. I don’t know how URLs for popups are handled. After much further looking about it appears that the directories where the images, files and media are kept were emptied at some point. Once I restored the images, files and media from a backup things slowly began to behave more normally.
I have since identified 70 files that were added since the backup was created and I am going about finding them to add manually to the appropriate directories.

thanks for the attention, happily I didn’t need to know a lot about php or js :wink:
staying safe is NYC

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Woohoo! I am happy that I was wrong. Glad that you fixed it.

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