404 error on image that I cannot see

(Bruce Hemming) #1

My web page - http://www.bhphoto.biz/hotels_and_events.html shows a ? box below the image gallery image. I’ve looked for what might be causing this but cannot see it in the stacks in edit mode. It must be hidden by something. This page was created in exactly the same way as the others but only this one has this error.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to remove it?

(Rob D) #2

I may be wrong (I am not a coder) but looking at your source code, it seems to me that underneath your image gallery you’ve got another (empty) gallery. Go back to your RW project, open the “hotels_and_ events” page and check for that extra gallery.

(Bruce Hemming) #3

Exactly what I thought Rob but I’ve looked really carefully and there isn’t anything there. I’m guessing that it needs a line of code deleting but not sure.



(Bruce Hemming) #4

Found it - because it showed below the first image I thought that was where the extra stack was placed - but it was much further down the list which is why I missed it. You pointing out that it was ‘My Title’ helped me find it.

Thanks again.



(Rob D) #5

I’m glad you sorted this out, Bruce, and I’m sure you would, eventually, even without my help.

(Bruce Hemming) #6

I was looking for it for a loong time :wink:

Thanks again