Photo Stack by Nick Cates

who has tried Photo Stack, images in go to the site all I see a blank. RW 7.2.2 Stacks 3

I use his stack for my Coastal Photo Enthusiasts site. It works great.

i tried and still no images

What is the URL to the site you are trying to create.
Without a site to check there isn’t much anyone can do to help you out.

First issue is Photo stack will not accept .png files. Second it looks like your photo resources are not found. The browser gives a 404 error when loading the page.

Not sure how you are loading the photos on your site. I have mine warehoused in a folder on the server. I provide the full file path to each directory where I house the images for each gallery. Something like

This is the pointer to the directory and then tell how many images to generate. I have 8 photos in the directory so I have ig generate 8 thumbnails.

There are other ways to link to the photo’s. This is just what I use since I have members uploading their photos to the site.

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Did you add the photo base stack to your page as well? It needs both stacks to work properly.

Hi there!
I’ve just acquired Photo stack and I had at the begining same problem that both RW edit and browser preview showed blank where photos were supposed to be.

Here is what I found out after re-watching tutorial carefully:
The error was that I inserted photos directly to photo group stack instead of doing it trough Inspector’s Photo single tab.

The easiest solution was to delete whole photo group stack and start over in proper order, that is if you have a lot of photos in that stack.

My apologies to all. I do not know why but when I tried to add a new Photo’s stack to a page and link it to a warehouse folder as I have done for several months now it will not show the images. I can see the image thumbnail of the first image in edit mode but in preview or when viewing live I don’t see any images, just black where the pictures are supposed to be. I sent an email out to Nick. Hope he responds soon. If so I will share here.

You can see both on Edit Mode.

No joy in preview mode, Live is the same thing. :frowning:

Just glad this is a group site and not one of my paying clients or I would be a lot more concerned.

I thought I would share the root cause of the photo’s not showing up. This is the response I got from @nickcates.

One of the big naming issues I just found out, batch will not work with extra numbers in the image filenames. The only number in the image names should be the ending sequential number.

For example: This will not work “my123image-1.jpg”, but this will “myimage-1.jpg”.

If number must be apart of the naming, please use a folder to do so.

Like this: “my123/image-1.jpg”, notice I moved the extra numbers into the folder name.

Hope this answer helps.

Thanks @nickcates for all of your troubleshooting help.

Keith, thanks for posting all this, hope it helps others!

I’ve gone over the tutorial videos a number of times - and can’t resolve an issue. I am using single images to trigger ‘hidden’ galleries on my art page. They work fine. The problem is that the thumbnails to each gallery are lining up vertically on the main page and not horizontally or in a grid. Tried columns to no avail. What’s causing this? I think it has to do with the break point but even tweaking that hasn’t resolved the thumbnails lined down the page vertically. Any help appreciated. Thank you, Brenda