5 Big Features In Stacks 4 - Feature #2 today!

Stacks 4: Multiple Selection — Feature 1 of 5

Check out the video:

Multiple-Selection is feature #1 of the 5 big new features we’ve added to Stacks.

In Stacks 4 your can interact with many stacks at the same time. Select, move, delete, and copy & paste now work on many stacks, even in different areas and different layout hierarchies. But it’s not only layout, watch the end to see how you can adjust the settings of many stacks all at the same time.


This is worth the upgrade price alone. It’s going to save me so much time, I laughed out loud.


Looking forward to v4 Isaiah… I so appreciate your dedication, vision, and work.

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A simple idea, but probably not easy to implement. It is certainly very useful. I’m looking forward to hearing about the other big features, especially externals.

Stacks 4: Library Customization — Feature 2 of 5

check out the video:

Library Customization is feature #2 of the 5 big new features we’ve added to Stacks.

We added a new user interface to make it easy to customize Stacks library groups. Add icons and colors to make your library groups unique and easy to find.

Plus I walk through a whole bunch of ways that you can do to customize the Stacks library, speed up your workflow, and optimize Stacks for your projects.


Hi Isaiah,
really impressive features! One question on site images: you dragged the images in from the desktop and when you populated the regular image stack it was an “old style” image, not a site image. Most of the time I use 3rd party image stacks for one reason or another (special features etc.). Do these also behave like a default image stack, i.o.w. they don’t create site images? Or will it depend on the developers to come up with new versions that do?

If you’re using RW 8 and you drag an image into Stacks 4 – even to a 3rd party stack – it will be a Site Image.

There are a handful of stacks where site images won’t work. We’re handling these on a case-by-case basis. In those cases the old-style image will continue to work as always.

And the same goes for RapidWeaver 7 – YES, Stacks 4 runs in RapidWeaver 7 too! But RW 7 has no API for creating site resources – so those users will have to stick to old-style images too.

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If I open an old project with RW8 and Stacks 4: will images which are the same on different pages be saved as a site image? Or will they continue to be a single image and downloaded for each page separately again?

They won’t be site images. They will remain the same as they are now.

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Thank you

Like @joeworkman said. And just as a whole philosophy, I try to make updates cause as little disruption as possible. Yes, there will be new places for a few buttons. And perhaps a few stacks will need updates (hopefully these happened weeks ago – but there are always a few stragglers). But mostly you should be able to open existing projects and they should be the same and produce the same HTML they did in the version before.

That, of course, is the goal. There will be bumps in the road and bugs to work out, but with a little luck and a lot of beta testing we should get pretty close. :smiley:

If you’re beta testing, thanks for all the help!



Also, there is new info posted about the beta test… public release coming soon. Hopefully next week.

Update: Friday, May 31


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