Stacks v4.0 Released

Stacks 4 is here, and it has 5 huge new features, a streamlined workflow, and a super configurable dark mode. This is our largest Stacks update ever with improvements big and small everywhere you look.

Download a free trial and see how easy it is to build beautiful, fast, and responsive pages.


Download: Stacks v4.0.0

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5 Big Features

You can read all about the features here, but nothing beats seeing them in action. Click the link to watch a demonstration of the feature so you can see how they work and start using them on your projects today.

Multiple Selection

In Stacks 4 you can interact with many stacks at the same time. Select, move, delete, and copy & paste now work on many stacks, even in different areas and different layout hierarchies. But it’s not only layout, watch the end to see how you can adjust the settings of many stacks all at the same time.

Library Customization

We added a new user interface to make it easy to customize Stacks library groups. Add icons and colors to make your library groups unique and easy to find. Plus, see a walk through of a bunch of ways to customize the Stacks library, speed up your workflow, and optimize Stacks for your projects.

Text Editing

We’ve added a brand new text editing user interface to Stacks. Not only does it look great and work great even on narrow columns, but also has new toolbars optimized for the content — including a Markdown toolbar. Now you can edit Markdown, even if you’re just learning.

Site Images

Warehouse images easily and without leaving RapidWeaver. Drag and drop images to automatically create site-wide resources in your RapidWeaver project. Now images get uploaded only once — even if you use the image many times — even if you use the image on many pages. It’s totally pain-free warehousing.


Externals are like partials, but with all the restrictions removed: share them across projects, save them to the Finder as a stack, or lock them down to create your own templates. Externals give you super-powers to reuse content across every project, speed up project maintenance, and optimize your workflow.


required: macOS 10.11 and RapidWeaver 7
recommended: macOS 10.14 and RapidWeaver 8
Stacks 4 is Apple-Notarized and ready to use on macOS 10.15 Catalina

Some features require macOS 10.14 or RapidWeaver 8 to use.
Site Images requires RapidWeaver 8
Dark Mode features require macOS 10.14 Mojave Dark Mode


Such an epic release! Thank you for all of your hard work making such an amazing piece of software. I don’t know what I would be doing without it.


I know a few people will probably have this question…

Q: Will the Stacks beta update to the Stacks 4.0 final release?

A: No. Well. Kinda. Let me explain.

There are two separate auto-update tracks… there is a beta-auto-update track and release-auto-update track. They always remain separate. The only way to get from one to the other is to manually download and install.

don’t cross the streams

So if you’d like to jump to the Stacks 4.0 release version and continue to get final release quality builds just download from the links above.

If you’d like to continue to receive the public beta updates, just stick with the beta version and it will update to Stacks 4.0.0 beta 34 soon – which is the beta-track equivalent to the v4.0.

Or you could even Download and install the beta if you want to start receiving public beta updates.


Congratulations Isaiah!

Huge update! Game changing feature adds.


Congratulations Isaiah, Stacks 4 looks amazing. Thanks for continuing to support the RapidWeaver community!


I love version 4, the first thing that is important to highlight is that stack 4 is faster; now the work takes less time :slight_smile:
This seems to me the first quality to highlight.

BTW: @isaiah thanks from all the developers for the availability and patience in coordinating dozens of people, hundreds of requests and a sea of users!.
An example of professionalism for everyone in this community


Here is my live stream that I did last month on all of the new features in Stacks 4.

Greg and I also did a podcast episode…


Why not? It worked for them.

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Congratulations @Isaiah, Stacks 4 is an amazing release, the best yet!

Cheers from all of Team Realmac :beers:


Instant upgrade :smiley:

Great update Isaiah, cheers!


Thanks Dan!
And thank you everyone else too.

I love building Stacks.
I’m really glad everyone else loves using it.


GREAT update, @isaiah

And more stacks goodness to come, I’m sure!

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Just switched form the beta-version.

Great job @isaiah !

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I don’t know what you do to relax, but you’ve earned some of it.

Congratulations on what was, I’m sure, a ton of hard work. :trophy:

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I have tried all day to download and install Stacks 4 but all I ever am able to install from the download is Stacks 3.6.8. What am I doing wrong? BTW, I paid for the full version after not seeing an upgrade price. So I really want this to work. Thanks.

Congrats for the release. I am using Stacks 4 for weeks and it is awesome! The Rapidweaver world would not be the same without this amazihg plugin. Keep up the great effort in the community. My job is based on your work!


I love stacks.
Stacks makes creating websites with RapidWeaver sooooo much easier.
The 5 new features are amazing.
Fantastic job Isaiah!

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Congratulations @isaiah.

I managed to avoid the beta temptation but have now upgraded on final release.
Looking forward to playing with the new features.

Also I’d like to comment on pricing.
There’s a lot here for the money.
Just looking at the new interface is practically worth the upgrade price.
It’s refreshing to see software at a reasonable price.
Some devs are asking similar sums for just a single stack.

Some of these monthly subs. have gone mad.
I took a look at Relaythat (following an interesting stream from JW) and it’s $25 a month.
Relaythat is a fun and useful little app but at $300 a year it’s crazy.

Thank you for keeping your pricing fair and reasonable. You deserve all the success that Stacks 4 should bring.


Thanks Isaiah…already loving Stacks 4!!

A couple of quick questions regarding “site images” and resources now please.

If I start an image as a “site image” originally and then drag that image out of resources into a 3rd party image stack such as @joeworkman JW’s Impact, @Elixir Foundry’s Image and Gallery stacks, @nickcates Nick Cates Photo stacks, @habitualshaker StH’s Srcerer or others etc etc

Does it work the same way…only 1 image loaded even though used multiple times?
Does it work across different stacks too…for example same image used in JW’s Impact stack and then also used in Foundry’s Gallery stack??

I love the idea of 1 image being loaded even though used multiple times on a website and want to know the best method to do this across different stacks.

Love your work…thanks.

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