Can't preview after update os/x yosemite 10.10.5


I get the following massage when i preview in rapidweaver 6

Exception while exporting site
“ ’ " +[NSString stringWithCString:encoding:]: NULL cStríng

This after the update to os/x yosemite 10.10.5

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Harry Logtenberg

Same problem here. If I switch the site to HTML, it’s fine, but I use Mobilize. So, it can’t preview PHP’s. I pushed the site up no problem. Just no preview.

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Same issue here. I need to restart RW to clear it up and then it comes back. Having some other issues as well. It looks like the whole application becomes unstable after a while.

Quit and relaunch helps every time.

Hi Guys

Could you make sure you’re running 6.2.3. If it’s still happening, please could we get a copy of your project file please? - As OS X 10.10.5 is a beta, things are subject to change on Apple’s side so we’ll take a look.


Download the Hide and Show example form Tsooj media and you get all the problems on all pages.


Your right it’s only with pages with php

Hi Nik,

It is only with pages with php.
I sent you the projectfile by mail.


Are you using RW 6.2.3?


Yep 6.2.3 It happens with the lockdown pages as well.
It is indeed the PHP extension

We’re investigating. If we could get a copy of your project file, and a copy of the Console logs via the Help menu -> Copy Support Logs option, via email ( that’d be really useful.