7.1 Error msg: "file.. changed by another app"

Version 7.1.0 (18228b)

Since running the very latest version I’ve gotten this error msg twice. I have no idea what could be causing it. What other app would change a RW project file while open? (Only one copy of RW is running!)

no comments? has anyone else ever seen this error?

Does it actually say that it’s a RW Project file which has been changed - or could it be another, say text file, opened by its own original default app… TextEdit or a graphic by Preview - perhaps autosaving the (imported) original every x minutes etc?

Is it a Rapidweaver 7.1 sitefile that you’re trying to open in 7.0.4?

They’re not backwards compatible.

The same thing has happened to me, but when it does, I noticed that there are somehow two RapidWeaver icons in the dock. I only have one version and one copy of RapidWeaver on my computer, and there aren’t extra copies on any connected drive. All of the files were created in the only version of RapidWeaver I’ve ever had, v. 7.0.4. It usually happens when I’ve been working on a project file for a long time. It’s very strange.

You can see the msg has the RW icon on it… it’s coming from RW. I am doing the exact same workflow and things I have been doing with 5.x, 6.x, and 7.x up until this release. I have never seen this msg.

No. It happens once the file is open and I have been working on the project for a while.

When it happened I checked running apps. Only one copy of RW running at the time.

As info… I 'm running with AutoSave off. I’ve used RW for years (started with 5.3) and first time I saw this was in the very latest beta release Version 7.1.0 (18228b) - The RW app name is 7 2 (7 space 2) which is somewhat confusing for 7.1.0 release.

I doubt this is the issue, maybe name it 7-2 (or even 7-1)?? I never rename apps with spaces if I can

Zeebe… when I downloaded and installed the beta that is how it was named… I didn’t re-name it that.

as info… I’m now on latest beta Version 7.1.0 (18238b)

I also have this problem ever since updating to a 7.1.x version