Word of warning


  • You have a project created in RW6 called ‘Fred’ (its actually called Fred.rw6 but OSX is hiding the extention)
  • You open it in RW7 and a copy is made in the same folder called ‘Fred’ (really Fred.rw)
  • You spend 4 hours editing the project, saving regularly.
  • You close RW7 and go do something else.
  • Later you return, double click on ‘Fred’ to do some more work but …
  • You double clicked on the old RW6 Fred …

RW7 opens and promptly overwrites all your previous work with a fresh Fred.rw
Edit: I and others have not been able to recreate this problem, we have consistently received a correct warning dialog that prevented the creation of the RW7 project

This is where I am right now. As its been more than an hour I have a TimeMachine backup to be able to restore but had I been away from home or without a 1 hour backup cycle then I’d have been screwed.

Edit: Take this a a bit of a eye opener, once you’ve/RW7 have created the new project put the old RW6 project somewhere safe.


I tested this, but I get a warning message

Intresting… I never saw that (I think) but in my case the revised .rw project was overwritten by the converted .rw6 so even though I may have missed the dialog the copy action was performed.
I’ll do a little testing when I get the chance later on.

I am getting the same warning as @apfelpuree.

Just as a precaution I think I’ll compress old RW6 projects as zip files so the only ones I see are RW7. I also made a point previously of naming them appropriately.

Cripes! That could be serious. Hasn’t happened to me, though.

I’ve just tried several times with a couple of different projects and I COULD NOT make my original problem recur, I got the same dialog @apfelpuree posted above but…
I did originally have it happen so I’m a little confused.
What I’ll do is take it as a warning that I should be a little less blasé with my projects and institute an archiving of the original RW6 AS SOON AS I create the RW7 one.

I’ll edit the original post to make it less ‘absolute’ in its wording.