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RW Version 7.2.1 (18493). OS Sierra 10.12.6
Every so often, I check for updates, manually. The RW app resides permanently in my Applications folder which I launch from the Dock.

Wanting to check, I launched RW as usual and now get this message:

“RapidWeaver can’t be updated when it’s running from a read-only volume like a disk image or an optical drive. Move RapidWeaver to your Applications folder, relaunch it from there, and try again.”

Thinking perhaps I need to open a project file before checking update, the project file launches without any issue, but the message is the same.

Any ideas?


No clue about why you are getting the error message, but if you are checking for updates like you say, you are not getting them, the latest version for RapidWeaver is 7.5.5

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Agree with Robert @zeebe, not sure why you would get that message.
Since you’re not running the latest version I would go ahead and grab the latest here and reinstall. Just make sure the new version ends up in the applications folder.


Thank you. Since as you suggest I should reinstall, do I need to first uninstall or would download latest version overwrite all and any existing? Also, would reinstall affect any of my site files?

I have just downloaded v7.5.5 and opened RW site file as usual. On checking for updates, I am still getting the same error message1

Strange, you do have it in the Applications folder right?? I would suggest contacting Realmac support


and see what they say.


Problem solved. Having looked in Finder for the whereabouts of the reinstall version: it was on the desktop. I have moved it to Applications, removed the old version from the dock, opened the latest version from Applications and kept that on dock. The error message now doesn’t appear.

Thanks again for your help.

ps - Noting that my favicon had been unlinked, I have relinked it. Recently, I upgraded to fibre so instead of upload circa 1MPS I now get circa 16 MPS. Which means that rather than my 600 pages site still being published as I write this, it is published already!

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