8.1.4 crashes Rapidweaver

Hi is anyone experiencing crashes with 8.1.4 ? I am getting every now and again when editing existing sites.

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I use RW 8.1.4 all day, every day. Haven’t experienced any issues whatsoever.

Thanks Neil and Alan,

How about the resource link issue that was occurring…this is my biggest concern with updating. Has this been sorted in 8.1.4?

Thanks Scott

Me too…all day…even with older projects…works great…

I thought I saw in the release notes that the resource linking issue has been fixed, but I never use the resources part so I can’t be 100% sure. I warehouse everything.

Great, 8.1.4 sounds a bit more promising.

Anybody else experiencing server side issues such as this one on the forum?

I am quite perplexed about the difficulty of managing links with resources! … And this for years. It will be necessary one day that one explains me. My experience with RW 8.1.4 is disastrous: I do not see myself redoing all the links, one by one, by hand, for sites that have more than 400 items! … Sorry! …

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