More issues with 8.1.3. and 8.1.4

I can’t connect to my server with 8.1.3 or 8.1.4.

If I run the test it says the connection is fine.
If I publish I get the following 'couldn’t upload to your ftp server.
Upload failed (at start/before it took off). URL:

I have never had a problem with ftp in the past (I know many have) through RW 4,5,6,7, and early 8.

This follows from a problem I had yesterday with a Foundation contact form which has stopped working. I have changed nothing.

I’m getting very frustrated with this.
May I suggest the automated upgrade message is removed at start up. I know I should have learned by now but I assumed that once the ‘upgrade available’ message becomes visible the version is solid!
We are taking one step forward and two back.

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You can turn that off in preferences:

good advice

How are people finding 8.1.4 please?

I am still on 8.0.3 and very…very reluctant to update until all issues are sorted, especially regarding the resource links.

Is 8.1.4 any better?

I would like to hear experiences and thoughts as there seems to be very few comments on the forum since 8.1.4 was released.

Thanks Scott

I am experiencing crashes when editing existing sites. A

Thanks Alan…looks like 8.1.4 is still unstable.

Seems like I might be on 8.0.3 for quite a while…what is going on with all the 8.1.x updates all seems very dodgy.

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