8.1.6 - all resources missing

Having seen the missing resources issues in recent times, I delayed updating. Today took the plunge to 8.1.6 and pretty much all resources are missing in all my projects. And these are certainly not just old resources that are no longer needed. This is a shed load of work - why??


I took the plunge too and had the missing resources warning although it seemed easier this newest version to relink BUT I also returned to 8.1 using Time Machine and will wait some more and hope it’s fully resolved, although at some point I suspect there won’t be a choice but to update …


So glad that I upgraded. /s

What a nightmare.

I tried the latest 8.1.7 update and after resolving the “missing resources” issue which was very selective(?), Rapidweaver appears to be working better for me. I still see some weird behavior - I have to enter meta tags by cut and paste because I can not type full words into the field(don’t ask!). but I’m sticking with it and not going back.
I am always prepared to return to previous versions because I try to work with copies of backups after updating and also have the luxury of Time Machine backups to return most everything to the prior working conditions, but updating shouldn’t be this frustrating.

I there any fix for this? Every project I open and all the resources need to be fixed. Unless I’m missing something the ‘Resolve’ button doesn’t seem to do anything that can’t be done by manually re-linking in the resources window. I’ve got over 100 projects and this a really daunting task!

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