New update 8.1.2 has totally messed up Rapidweaver

What have you done. All working until just now when I get the message to update to 8.1.2 now it keeps asking to update, can’t find the project files, will not quit I have to force quit and Rapidweaver is now not working. HELP NOW fix the update…

It say “RapidWeaver has detected missing resources in this project” but clicking “Scan Folder” or “Relink” do nothing so file is now completely stuck…

Seemed to now get them to link after a few restarts of Rapidweaver, but not feeling too happy as now unsure of the stability of Rapidweaver and if I have to do this with all my projects is hours of time!

In place updates with any app can fail, download RW 812 from here:
And reinstall it … you wont loose any settings

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