A few simple questions

  1. When I publish to a folder, and drag the main Index.html to safari, it won’t go to any other page in my site, it only brings up the folder in Finder when you click a link. All my pages are named index.html because I haven’t named them yet, is this why it’s doing this?

  2. I have a page, or sometimes it happens, that when you go to it, it opens scrolled way down to an image that’s deep down on the page, it goes there, instead of to the top.

  3. Should a Contact Form (Foundry) work in Safari, it doesn’t give success nor does it send an email, does it have to be hosted to work?

Thank you, weaver: Das Goravani

ps: I figured out how to get the Nav Bar to stay at the top even as you scroll down, how to have a little logo in it, and my site name, it’s really cool, super pleased, it’s a Foundry thing called Sticky Content

  1. The short answer: is if you are going to publish to a local folder and expect to test the site prior to publishing then you need a web server on the local machine. Something like the free version of MAMP will work well for this.

    The Long answer: Web pages are really meant to be served by a web server. The RapidWeaver Preview and Simulate serve the pages through a built-in web server. Although plain HTML pages will display fine without a server, the internal links and any PHP pages will not work.
    If you are using “tidy links” then when you publish the site to a web server the navigation links won’t need to have the “index.html” or Index.php" at the end of every page name. Instead the URLs will have the domain name followed by the folder(Directory) path to get to the page.

    • Now the magic of tidy links actually is done by the webserver. So you have a domain called my-cool-site.com
    • The About Us page is in a folder called about-us (page inspector setting)
    • You are using tidy links so the file name will remain index.html or index.php
    • the Navigation (and any external links) will link to simply my-cool-site.com/about-us/ (no index.html)
    • when the web server (not the browser) gets that request, it isn’t a complete file name so it will start looking for the appropriate file. Based on the web servers’ internal directives it starts looking for a file. (index.html, index.php, index.cgi is the most common order.
    • the first one found from the list gets returned.
  2. Is this in Edit mode or preview or when?

  3. Yes, contact forms also need a web server to function.


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