Publishing ProblemLocally

Hi All,

I am sure I am being daft, but I have just published my site locally, looks to be all there, but I cannot seem to see anything in Safari. What is the main page to open, or is it something different ?


When you say ‘published locally’ do you mean exported? If so, look for the index.html or index.php file in the export folder and open that in Safari.


You shouldn’t just try looking for index.html or index.php to attempt to preview a locally published website. Web pages are designed to be served by a web server. Browsers don’t know what to do with things like PHP and chances are the navigation won’t work.

If you are looking to preview your site in a browser you can right-click the page in RapidWeaver and choose the preview with option and select any browser you have installed on your Mac. RapidWeaver has a web server including PHP built in.

Otherwise you can install a complete web server on your Mac like MAMP to server the pages correctly.

Hi Doug,

Many thanks for the explaining the position. I will use the inbuilt system as you suggest.

Really appreciate your help.

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Richard Brewer

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