A good RW theme for a photo workshop website

I’m looking for a good RW theme for listing photography workshops. I in no way want to copy someone else’s site, but I would like one that has the capabilities of Muench Workshops:

I’m pretty sure they’re using Wordpress, but I’d like to stick with RW since I’m familiar with it, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new features in version 8. Has somebody else here created a similar type website with RW7?

As for Themes, there’s a lot that would work for the “listing” part of what the example site has.

It’s could be done with a stacks page and a standard 2-column stack for each row. Each 2-column stack would need to have an image with some text overlays. The entire image would link to the detail page.

I would go ahead and set up a “sample” page and the goto Will Woodgate’s ThemeFlood, and download a few free demo’s to see what works.

What do you think of this: boxes


Hello James. I would simply go for a stacks page, two column layout (or a grid), each element / cell links to a workshop page, which is created manually. I am not familiar with Squarespace (where the Muench site is hosted), but I would guess this is not a dedicated workshop module.

Theme wise you can use whatever you like, the build in Voyager could work.

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