A little advice on Menu's please

I am new to Rapidweaver but enjoying the experience but could do with a few pointers.

My site is based on the Allegro Pro template and is basically a dashboard to get customers users to a number of other places it will also have some content but mostly people will be using it to get to.

Our shopify site/ our support/our dealer login/

The Allegro pro theme generates the navigation menu based on pages created in rapidweaver and yes I could use these pages to point people to a link to these other webpages outside of our own but really want the nav menu to point them directly to the location rather than via a page.

I can see where it would be edited in the source view is there anyway to change this or do I need to scrap the whole you a theme and generate all my own menu etc.



Add Offsite Page when you add a page. This then will become direct links to other pages from your menu nav.

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Many thanks that sorted me out and made me feel dumb for missing that option but its early days.

regards jez