A new life for LogHound plugins

Today we have great news, YourHead will be taking over the entire suite of LogHound plugins.

More details on our blog: http://blog.yourhead.com/a-new-life-for-loghound-plugins/


Could NOT be in better hands! I’m so happy!

This is the BEST POSSIBLE news for Weavers!

Thank you @Isaiah


This is fantastic Isaiah! You are the absolute best person to carry these products forward. You’ve already made my weekend!

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Best news I’ve heard all week! Definitely in the right hands!


This is an excellent news for all of us!!!
Tank you Isaiah!

Thanks very much, Isaiah!

Brilliant - great news.

Thank you, @isaiah for taking Loghound’s stuff under your wings. Looking forward to seeing how you make them fly!

So awesome. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing how you bring these bad boys up to date!



Learning how many people were devastated at the thought of losing Loghound plugins makes me interested in knowing more about them and how they can help me. It seems they are state of the art and it’s heartening to hear that Isaiah and crew will be taking them over. Congrats!

Excellent. Great news for the RW community!


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AWESOME @isaiah, I will definitely be purchasing these now that I know they will be maintained and upgraded.

You rock (as usual lol)!


Great news! Kudos to Isaiah, best wishes to John


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Great news, in very good hands!

That’s very good to hear.

@isaiah Glad to hear this, if only to be able to use @Import using Pluskit. I don’t use anything else in this Plugin and am surprised that nobody has create a simple stack for said functionality.

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I created a support ticket for Rapidblog about the same time John had shuttered Loghound (unbeknownst to me at the time). When I heard the news, I first had concerns about John and then I started really freaking out about Rapidblog and trying to work out some sort of solution away from Rapidweaver. But, now that I know that yourhead is here to save the day, I will somehow make my broken RW+Rapidblog site work until it can be fixed. I am so grateful for John and his products. And I’m even more thankful that they are in good hands. Thank you, Isaiah.

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teleporter stack from Doobox?

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AFAIK teleported, as Houdini (J W), only works on the same page.
With Pluskit you can export to other pages.


@peppermint, @manofdogz

Houdini Stack only works per page

Teleporter Stack can work on site wide areas as well as per page areas…

In both cases, you can make it a partial so that it can be imported into every page if you so desire.

My confusion comes in where why aren’t people using HTML Stack and PHP pages to do the @incude themselves without the need for a stack?