Loghound went out of business

:disappointed: http://loghound.com

That’s sad,
Whilst I stopped using PlusKit a while ago I use SiteMap Plus in every project I create.
I’s like to take this opportunity to thank John at Loghound for all his hard work over the years.


Ouch. Sorry to hear that.

I know RealMac frown upon it for being badly behaved but PlusKit was a really useful plugin and I used it on lots of sites, especially for the glory days of Stacks.

Wonder if any other dev would be interested in taking anything on from their portfolio?

RapidBlog maybe?


Sorry to hear that. John, thanks for your effort in making your software one of the best in the game :+1:

Yes, very sad. I’m still using PlusKit on one site. It was updated fairly recently, I think.

Is there any alternative for PlusKit? I use it to import stacks on the Rapidweaver default blog page.

Sad news indeed, sitemap plus was an absolute necessity for me , I have it on nearly 60 sites.

Its been a long time coming, but still the end of an era for RW. When he was active the plugins he made were so incredibly powerful and useful they were almost on par with what Stacks is today.

I really hope the RW team can enhance the rather featureless, built-in sitemap to at least partially fill the gap of Sitemap Plus when it eventually breaks.

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Yep. Very sad.

I really hope the RW team can enhance the rather featureless, built-in sitemap to at least partially fill the gap of Sitemap Plus when it eventually breaks.

Yep. After the basic blog gets some attention. And the contact page. And drag and drop for resources paths. And the FTP gets tightened up. And the code completion in the code containers becomes useful. And a centralised place to manage a) folder names b) meta tags (just like sitemap plus). The wish for a powerful built in sitemap with comparable features is in good company, I guess.

Maybe RMS will buy the product out from John and integrate it as the new sitemap page in RW7? :slight_smile:


This makes me sad. I never had much interaction with John- but I’ve used most of his Add-ons over the years. FaqMaker, PlusKit, SiteMap, Lockdown and Rapidblog have all found their way into various sites. But, as newer and (oftentimes) better options came along (e.g., Global Content, Sitelok, Armadillo), I found myself using his older products less and less. I hope all is okay with him.

Really very sad. At the moment, there are no valid and complete replacement for sitemap plus, plus kit and Rapidblog (intended as a “blogger” import). Without plus kit, also the functionality of all other plugin will lose value.
Unless it does not intend to integrate stacks in RapidWeaver and eliminate the concept of plugins, even Realmac should think about this …

Very sad news :frowning:

Like others have said, PlusKit and SiteMap+ are normally the first page types I add to any RapidWeaver project. And I still use Lockdown in some projects too.

RapidFlickr was the first RapidWeaver addon I ever purchased. At the time it was the only RapidWeaver plugin that could generate a lightbox and integrated with the newly created Flickr website everyone was talking about. Of course this was some years before RapidAlbum, WeaverPix or Stacks came along.

I think this goes someway towards illustrating the significance John’s addons played in RapidWeaver. John was the silent hero for many of us. Finding alternatives to Loghound plugins is going to be very difficult; in all seriousness the worse-case scenario could be the need to move some projects away from RapidWeaver!

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That’s very sad indeed. I would especially miss Pluskit, although I’m using it less and less often.
The best would be in my opinion if some developer (Realmac? Joe? Will?..) would contact John and ask him if he’d be willing to pass over or sell the code for his plugins, so that they could be updated and furthermore developed.


I wonder if SiteMap+ will be RW7 compatible. I stopped using other plugins by Loghound but this one is irreplaceable at the moment. I really hope some other developer will be able to come up with something similar soon, or the over Sitemap+.

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This is very sad, and I hope someone can take over John’s wonderful plugins/stacks.

The RapidWeaver developer community can be relatively fragile. Most folks who create stuff for RW are not trying to make a full-time real business of it. Typically they have other full-time jobs. And I have to imagine the support becomes a very time intensive aspect of a developer’s life. It’s all very understandable.

Best wishes and thoughts to John and his future life.


Totally agree Mathew, I remember cases like Mauricio Sabene (RWExtras), among others.

Sad to hear! I use Rapidflickr for my Photopage and it looks great! http://4zu3fotografie.de/page17/page15/

Quite the shocker. I was just keeping up with the podcast 30 and I remembered that loghound had a lockdown page to handle the .htcaccess. I was actually dealing with John back in 2008 about this plugin. He went out of his way to help me then. He truly wrote some great code.
I can only wish you the best in life no matter which way the road turns.

This is not only sad, it’s bad news for the community.
Your work is highly appreciated John, I wish you the best in your future endeavours.

This is very bad news :frowning: Thanks anyway for your work.