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Hi all,

Time for another round of updates! We’re closing in fast!

What’s New

If you haven’t checked these out, I just want to highlight some of the cool stuff we’re doing:

  • Free!!!
    These are free updates for all current users. Just download and enjoy the new improvements.

  • Improved Try-Before-You-Buy
    For folks new to these plugins please give them a download and play. I’ve tried hard to improve the try-before-you-buy experience and let you do more with the trial.

  • Improved User Interface
    Many of these plugins were designed for RapidWeaver 4 & 5 where the UI was quite a bit different. I’ve reorganized most of the settings and panels to make things cleaner, clearer, and more flexible in the recent RapidWeaver updates.

  • Improved Speed and Memory Use
    Where we can, we’re using more modern memory handling from recent Mac OS X and the recent RapidWeaver API – this improves the “high-water-mark” of memory use and should improve speed a bit too. (I’ve had reports of 30% improvement in large files using PlusKit!!!)

Status Update

####Updated, refined, and released:

####Currently in Beta:

####Soon to be in Beta (sometime on Arpil 11-12):

###Stay on Target
This week we’ll finalize the build for RapidBlog and RapidFlickr – and perhaps do another bug fix for PlusKit. Then we should be all done with this set of updates and can get back to the regularly scheduled program of Stacks and Blocks constant improvement.

###Bug Reports & Feature Requests
Here at YourHead we like working out in the open. We always make our bug-lists and feature request public. Please feel free to contribute anything you find or your favorite pet feature requests. You can find all our bug-lists on our github pages. Here are a few links – you can find the rest by browsing around there. Don’t be shy!!!



You and the team sure have put fourth a great effort in making these current from a UI point of view and bug fixes. Can’t wait to see where you take them!

Happy customer :slight_smile:



Another little update today: PlusKit v3.0.1

Some little fixes that we missed on the first round.
Check out the release notes for more details.
Thanks for all the bug reports folks.

If you don’t see it in your auto-update then download and install:

Download: PlusKit v3.0.1
Release Notes: PlusKit v3.0.1 Changes

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there are a couple of issues that are not business stoping. the PDF instructions are still branded loghound and screen shots needing updating and on the info panel there is a ? icon left of the registration button that can be removed it does not do anything.

I must say well don on pluskit my favourite plugin just got better. believe it or not. It really is in good hands.

“the PDF instructions are still branded loghound and screen shots needing updating”

as i’ve mentioned elsewhere – the docs take quite a bit longer to update. those are in the works and will be rolling out over the next weeks (for pluskit) and months (for other plugins). but we couldn’t wait the updates for those things since RapidWeaver 7 seems just around the corner.

this item is on our bug-list - actually it’s the only thing on the bug list :stuck_out_tongue: PlusKit Help (?) · Issue #8 · yourhead/pluskit · GitHub

“there is a ? icon left of the registration button that can be removed it does not do anything”

actually the bug there is that the help button really probably should go to our registration help FAQ. i’ve filed a bug for this too (so now that other bug is not so lonesome)

Thanks for the reports, keep 'em coming!

oh, wow… just found about Loghound’s plugins new home and couldn’t be happier: thank you so much, Isaiah :slight_smile:

on install though…
all went fine with PlusKit, but for both SiteMap and LockDown I’m getting:
“Plugin Installation Failed
RapidWeaver was unable to install the “XY” plugin.”


MacOS 10.11.4, RW 6.3.8

Here is how I get those installed when I get that error.

  1. Open RapidWeaver 6. Hold down option-command and push 7. That will open the folder that the addons are kept in.
  2. Drag and drop the new plugins in that folder. If it tells you there are ones already there, replace them with the new ones.
  3. Restart RapidWeaver.

thank you very much, zeebe: that did it :slight_smile:

still a weird issue, though :-/

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@pl_svn -

the bug is that if there is another version of the plugin with a name that has slightly different capitalization ( e.g. “SiteMap” vs. “Sitemap” ) then the RapidWeaver add-on installer will fail with that error. The capitalization of LogHound plugins has changed over time, which triggers this bug.

I’ve reported the error to Realmac Software. I suspect it will be fixed in RW7 update that’s beta testing now.

In the meantime, just uninstalling the old version of the plugin before installing is a simple workaround.



What happened with RapidFlickr ? No info, Beta-Link not working !?

@UltimateJim - to be honest, there has not been a great deal of interest in this product. i’m a little sad about this, i really liked Flickr myself. but all things at Yahoo are not what they once were.

however, i’ve fixed the download link to the beta.

there are a few of the loghound products that are used by just a scant few people. we’ll continue to ensure they keep working as a thank-you to long-time RapidWeaver users. let’s call it “maintenance mode” – and we’ll release updates when necessary. but we probably won’t be investing more in those. time is probably better spent adding often-requested features to Stacks or PlusKit.

Thank you Isaiah for the info and fixing the beta link! It is a pity that there is not been a great interest in this product. I use it a lot with my photo page http://www.4zu3fotografie.de/page17/page8/ and it is still working. Thank you keeping it in “maintenance mode”