A new MOUSE stack from the Big White Duck

I have no idea how many people visit this forum that are also members of The Big White Duck’s space on Weaver Space - but for those that don’t know, @tav creates some fantastic stacks, most for Foundation, but several indispensable ones that also work with ANY theme (check out Header Pro, for example). At any rate, I noticed a cool effect at the bottom of a page on Andrew’s site, and asked if he’d share the code.

Voila - he not only shared it, but turned it into a free stack that has now been downloaded over 500 times. You can see it on one of my sites, here…and learn more about it on the Big White Duck space. All Andrew asks in return is that we occasionally buy him a cup of coffee.


Another brilliant stack. The animation is the best out there and coming from BWD you know it will work with everything.

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Mouser has a nice new home too!!

Another amazing stack from BWD!

I love that it was released two days ago and already received some great feature additions. Among these additions is integration with Magicgellan2.

This makes it easy to add to projects already using Magicgellan2.

Great work @tav!

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