A new old version of Stacks… 3?

If you’re already using Stacks 4 – Please ignore this.

This is just for the Stacks 3 users.

It looks like RapidWeaver v8.4.1, which came out earlier today, is flagging working versions of Stacks v3.6.8 as needing an update to be Catalina compatible. This is happening even for folks that have been running Stacks 3 on Catalina for months. LOL. :crazy_face:

Stacks v3 is the one version of any of our plugins that used a different mechanism of Notarization – one that did not require code-signing. While valid, it is indeed pretty odd – which is why we changed all our other plugins.

So rather than ask RapidWeaver to change just for this one version of Stacks I simply released a new build of Stacks 3 codesigned and notarized – this works and also seems to please RapidWeaver.

So if you’re still using Stacks 3, please grab this update (it should come via auto-update on your next launch). I’ll also put a link to it in our plugin archive as soon as I’m done writing this post.

This is, of course, a free update.

Also: Please check out Stacks 4. It’s pretty nice too. It has a whole bunch of awesome new features – I’m positive there’s something in there for you. :smiley:


FYI Stacks 4 rocks.

And please upgrade and support @isaiah as he’s a star.


P.S. I purposely didn’t put a direct link to Stacks v3.6.9 here. I’d rather not have confused folks download Stacks v3 and overwrite a happy Stacks v4 install.

If you need a direct download link you can find it in our plugin archive on the Stacks page. v3.6.9 is the top item in the Stack 3 section.

And I will give you a direct link to that:

I absolutely agree. I’m completely broke but I still bought Stacks 4 and it’s well worth it for externals and other goodies.

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