A Paywall Stack For Rapidweaver?

I am in need of a dynamic paywall stack that can direct a site visitor to a previously blocked page content right after payment is made with Paypal or a Credit Card . The option to bypass a registration form is desirable - since the payment can auto email the buyer (feature request).

I purchased the new Weaver Space Paypal stack but does do what I need for this task.

Any ideas? PHP scripts etc?

I have attached the New York Times paywall as an example.

Paywall URL:

Thank you.

I am looking at the Paypal developers’ page on the paywall subject:

Customize a Payment Wall

I wonder if @joeworkman would be willing or have time to add this to his Paypal stack:


Or perhaps, I should wing this myself. I don’t have a ‘PayPal Plus’ merchant ID sandbox…shucks :thinking:

I would use Sitelok in this situation. It probably has more features than you need, but as your site develops, you might like to have these extra options. Buy Membership Software and Systems Online UK | Vibralogix

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@NeilUK - Sitelock is an overkill.

I need something that is simple, nimble and lightweight.

For those interested.

The site is relatively simple but has some interesting content that will be updated (change) at various times. Site visitors will ‘Donate’ $1 to $2 for a period of time - and this donation allows the site visitors to take a 3D walkthrough Time Square in New York City. Clicking on the image or ‘Donate’ button takes the user to a payment dialog that requires no long or tedious registration forms – just payment. After payment, the 3d tour starts and can last for about 30mins to 2 hours. The transaction will be atomic. Quite simple and fast.

The Donate stack from Will Woodgate can take PayPal payments as a donation, then you can set a page to redirect to once payment has been made. That sounds more like what you need? DonateStack | Stacks4Stacks


  1. What prevents link sharing?

  2. Can the user revisit and reuse the link from the browser history?

Why I specified that the “transaction is atomic”.

You’re asking for something “simple”. There’s nothing to prevent link sharing. Sitelok will do what you need, but you don’t want that.

I don’t think there’s another solution at the moment within RW.


I know about Sitelok. I am not new to Rapidweaver and its addons.

I don’t need an elephant gun to kill a flea.

All I need is a Paypal Stack that can do what am asking for.

You may have a “simple” request but the implementation of this would be more complex than you are expecting.

There is no specific stack that I know of that can do this. Between taking a Paypal payment, issuing a unique token that expires after a set period of time, a stack that can interpret that token to allow access for a set time period, and probably a good few other things as well

Sitelok is probably your best bet in the Rapidweaver world because your not hunting fleas.

Alternatively start searching on Code Canyon or phpjabbers, you might find a suitable solution there.

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With all due respect. Paypal has a paywall API that supports what I am asking for – and there are Wordpress plugins that do this effortlessly.


Perhaps my choice of the word “simple” is causing heartaches. “Simple” in a metaphorical sense.
All the “complex” stuff that’s needed (SDK, API’s etc) is already out there. It just needs to be wrapped in a Paypal stack.

Perhaps some stack developer may see this as a business opportunity.

Again – I don’t* need membership, chat, elaborate forms or any of that baroque stuff. Just a secure payment system with link security & timers. The content changes (not so frequently) and some site visitors may only visit only once or occasionally. The business model is like that of a museum.

Sorry for disturbing the peace here. :heart_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

Some good news.

I found FingerprintJS

FingerprintJS helps media companies, subscription services and content creators monetize more effectively with accurate visitor identification. Catch visitors attempting to circumvent paywall rules with visitorIDs that remain stable through incognito browsing, clearing cookies, using a VPN, and more. Make leaky paywall solutions a thing of the past by eliminating even the trickiest paywall circumvention techniques.

Looks like a decent solution as it performs web browser fingerprinting.

Hope some ‘hungry’ developer sees this and adds FingerprintJS functionality to their Paypal stack.

$0 per month (Free version). There is a very impressive demo at their web site.

Free forever for developers and small sites up to 20K identifications per month. Very good.

I believe I can do my own integration into Rapidweaver.

Thanks to everyone in this thread who helped with comments. :purple_heart:

FingerprintJS customer service and tech support is on to a good start.

I received this email after registering.

They’ve even asked to help me with a 15 minute phone call. Impressive.

Welcome Aboard :wave:

I’m David, your Customer Success Manager at FingerprintJS. I wanted to reach out and say welcome!

Here are the best ways to get started with FingerprintJS Pro:

:zap: Check Out the Quick Start Guide - We’ve put together a short-yet-comprehensive guide to our best practices. You’ll be up and running in no time.

:electric_plug: Set Up Your Subdomain - Directing API calls through a subdomain is the best way to guarantee our best accuracy. The best part is it’s completely free! We even provide the SSL certificate.

:telephone_receiver: Schedule a 15-min Call - If you have any questions about the service or would like to discuss how we can help to accomplish your company’s goals, you can schedule an event in my calendar.

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