Simple Stripe & PayPal payment stack

Hello to the community :slight_smile:

(Note: I’m not a dev or good with code! LOL)

I’m looking for a simple solution to accept Stripe payments on my website. I do not sell anything on my site so no cart is required and items are not fixed values.

My hope is a simple “portal” where customers can enter a custom amount, add a reference (invoice) number, select currency, and then enter their credit card credentials.

I’ve searched previous posts and the old Stripe stack from Yuzool looked like it did just what I need but there seem to have been some security concerns that pop up.

The new Cart 3 stack is WAY feature-rich but I can’t tell from the website and demos if it can do the simple task I need.

Any help and advice are appreciated!

  • Mike

Paysnap now takes both:


Joe’s PayPal stack:
(However, no Stripe (yet)).

Thanks Doug!

Saw this too, but still looks very “cart” based. I guess the “donate now” functionality (name your own price) might work, as long as it doesn’t SAY “donate now”! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Erwin.

My priority IS Stripe…AND Joe’s stack redirect off to the PayPal site…something I’m already doing from a link on my invoices.

I’d prefer to keep clients ON my website, on a payment page.

Yes I agree, keeping them on your site has various advantages.

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