New PayPal Stacks

Shopping carts can be a pain to implement. And most of the time it requires an external monthly service. Maybe just need a simple Donation or Buy Now button. The PayPal stacks can add these to your site in 2 minutes or less.


I am looking at upgrading my site. Stacks are a tricky purchase as there is no trials. I am interested in how this product compares to PaySnap. I want to sell custom coffee mugs. A customer will be able to choose a design (option 1) and then add a person’s name (option 2). There could potentially also be color options.

I am grateful for the help… Please no lectures about posting in a product announcement. This is directly related to this product. All I want is to purchase my best option. I did watch joe’s video on the product and think it will work well for me.

I would list a beer mug in my store as a product. A person could then choose to add a NFL team as the design and then put the name George under it. The adding of the name would add a dollar to the cost of the item.

I mainly sell drinkware. I don’t want monthly fees at this time to be involved. The Corona virus has killed my business. Every penny counts right now.

I want to purchase what will work best for me. I really like that this product offers a cart feature. I just want to purchase the right product. I own paysnap 2. I never used it though…

Joe, please tell the requirements and compatibility of the stack. There is no information about this on the page, it seems.

I don’t see why this couldn’t be doable. What you are asking for is almost describes the demo that I built exactly. A couple of options and some custom text.

PaySnap has a lot more features. It has a full blown shopping cart and it support Stripe now as well. It’s a very nice stack. My PayPal stacks are meant to be super simple and the simplest way to start selling online. They also have zero style so that you can design things how you want them to look and are not limited to what style settings I choose to give you.


Not much in terms of requirements. I have not tested them in Stacks 3 but I am pretty sure that they should work in Stacks 3.5. I strongly urge you to upgrade to Stacks 4 if you have not done so yet.

The PayPal option stacks use PHP.

I just Purchased the PayPal Stack. I’m excited to get it working but unfortunately RapidWeaver7 Crashes instantly when I drag the stack in. What are some things to check? How do I determine what version of Stacks I have? Any Help would be appreciated as my Granddaughter has slime to sell and I need to get this going. Thanks so Much!!

You should be able to tell the stacks version by looking at the addons manager.

Just purchased this stack - I’m on stacks 3.6.9 but its telling me when I try to install it that I need stack 4.0.4.

My mistake on the error above, that was trying to open the project file not install the stack. I do get the same error as Mick though when I try to use the stack in a project, instant crash of RW.

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