A "random page player" for my footer?

Hi, sorry for my english : I’m french :wink:
I would like to know if something exists to have, in a RW website, a random presentation of some other pages of the same website.
It could be just titles or, even better, thumbnails that would be linked to the page they refer to.
This is to offer, in the footer of every page, a random link to discover other subjects…
Thanks !

Hi @luzule,

Sorry for my English, I’m Scottish :wink:

One way would be to use a stack that delivers random content — enter the keyword ‘random’ in the searchfield on StackCentral and you’ll find several solutions.


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Pfff ! Of course, I didn’t thought about doing a research in this page, sorry !
That’s because I’m a new RW user and, you know, maybe because I’m… french !!! :confounded:
Thank you for your answer !

No help here, I’m English ! … Haha brilliant post guys … made me laugh :grinning: