Is there a stack to randomise the order of stacks within?

I have a page of acknowledgements for our website supporters that I want to display in a random order (so no one supporter looks to be the most important). You can see the page as is at

I want all the rows (our supporters) to appear, but in a random order.

Can anyone suggest a solution? It needs to randomise stacks, not just text / similar.

I have looked at a hoard of stacks, but all I can find is to either cycle content or to randomly display just one of the items.

Thanks for any help! Martyn

Check out Joe’s Slot Machine stack

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The current version of Randomiser will pick and display one item at random, from a group of items you add to your page:

However version 2.0 (which will likely be available early next week) will be for Stacks 3 only. Alongside a brand new editing interface, there will be several new options to display and sort your content. Included is the ability to display all items, but randomise their order when the page is loaded. Alternatively display all items, but sort items in ascending or descending order. This will be a free update for all existing users.

This is a test page I did during the stacks 3 beta, it uses Joe Workman’s SlotMachine to pick one of 6 (could be 8, can’t remember) random fireworks and the again to pick one of 8 random columns to show it.
The spin, scale, explode and fade effects are done with BigWhiteDucks ScrollMate

Here’s another SlotMachine test page.

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Have used Doobox’s SPIN stack before - quite liked it; upto 20 things randomised

Just to say thanks everyone.
I still don’t think anyone has actually suggested a stack that will do what I was asking for except maybe the soon to be released S4S Randomiser - I shall look forward to trying it soon.
Slot Machine and SPIN do not randomise and display all the stacks within them as far as I can tell without paying money - they just display a random stack from a selection of stacks thrown into them.
Paul - the second link you provided seems to have an example of what I am wanting to do, yet I cannot see any way to do this from the Slot Machine documentation. I might just buy it $5! and see…
Anyway, thanks for such prompt and helpful replies.

@mlbarnes Slot Machine is actually a set. It does come with a Randomize stack as well.

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Thanks Joe, So I have found! - Your stack is now active on our site and seems to be doing just the job.
Many thanks.

P.S. You should mention this function on your website - I might have bought it earlier.
Similarly, your 'FAQ section on the Randomise settings might have shown me what I needed to know, but it is currently a blank page.
Thanks for some very useful stacks - I also use Global Content and Text Drop.

Randomiser was replaced with the SortStack yesterday: