A stack which can play video NOT hosted on sites like youtube etc


This is my first time posting, I’m quite new to all this but enjoying it very much.

I have some .avi and .mp4 video files online, they are not on a video hosting site such as youtube or vimeo… the files are just directly on my online server. I would like to be able to display them in some kind of video player on my website by linking the player directly to the files. I know it’s easier to use hosted sites like youtube but i want the videos to be as clean looking as possible and if i use youtube you get adverts popping up, other suggested videos etc… and on vimeo you can’t customise the player and hide all the buttons etc unless you have a paid account.

So my thought was to get around this by just finding a video player stack which can play videos via a direct link to where they are hosted.

Is this possible ?

HTML5 video stack by Joe Workman and a host of other dev’s make similar

Check out the RapidWeaver Community and search for video, you’ll find plenty of local storage video stacks.


Mixing Deck can do that. And it’s free.


Additional stack by Will that will do this:


Thought this is an old post it might help someone new. You can just paste in this code into an HTML5 stack or soemthing like Simple Videos works to paste this code into even which is free.

Embed stack takes the work out of it and lets you just enter the urls.

How to embed HTML5 Videos

First thing you need to do is check with your host if they allow this. I woke up one morning to find all my media files had been deleted. I contacted my host who informed me they have a policy about not hosting media that is streamed.

I now host them in an S3 Amazon bucket.