How to run a video from my server on Rapidweaver website?

I currently embed Vimeo code on one of my sites but would like to be able to run videos that are on my server instead. Is this possible with some RW stack?


Yes. Go to the stacks4stacks website and get the video player stack. You have to provide your video in webm and mp4 - you can use the free video converter from Miro to convert your videos…

Thank you, sir. That was precisely what I was looking for.

At the moment, I am looking at both Player and Video Player.

I sincerely appreciate your help.

While the stacks mentioned by Jan @Fuellemann are great, there are a number of others available, some free.

You can search for stacks on the RW community site:

I want to say Thank you! once more.

I have downloaded, installed and successfully run a video stacks4stacks Player2 video player. I really also appreicated the fact that the stack dev took the time to make a detailed how-to video. I could not figure out how to load the video I wanted to install, but the video took care of all of that and more.

I’m good to go. Thanks again.


Thanks to @willwood for his stacks :slight_smile: And David is right, of course, there are other stacks which will do the same, I just happend to use Will‘s stacks in this case, so I could recommend them.

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Easy able to do without Stack:

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