Hosting your own videos can you?

I am in need of hosting my own video’s. My works network won’t allow any type of Youtube, vimeo etc. Is there a way to self host that is decent?

What stacks would I require?

oh yes definitely. You can use these really easy to use stacks:

and this:

to host your own videos.

Actually from Joe’s page it seems like Video Wall is only for Youtube and Vimeo hosted videos.

But there are quite a few video stacks for self hosting if you search the community site:

With self hosting though, as has been mentioned here previously, it’s important to optimize your video, as well as keep them short for reasonable performance when self hosted. It has been suggested by @Mathew and maybe others as well to upload your video to Vimeo, and then download their version as their optimization/compression is really good.

Joe needs to update his product page, it now includes an option to host videos as well. You can see it listed in the release notes


Good to know - my apologies. :+1:

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I have Joe’s video wall. I host mine from Vimeo and YouTube but I know there a option to host it yourself in the video wall stack.


If you need additional cheap storage consider Amazons AWS S3 service. We serve up video’s using S3. Cost is 2.3 cents per gb per month. We use it to keep the load off our site server.


Great advice. If you proceed read about Permissions.

No apologies necessary, we need to change the description on the home page, left a message for Joe to do just that. :grin:

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Video on S3 can be very expensive. I did it for a while and paid a lot for it…

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Also recommended for hosting your own videos and other media

The ultimate HTML5 audio and video stack for RapidWeaver! Player has been designed and developed in collaboration with industry experts. This stack allows you to embed self-hosted audio or video files within your webpages. Player provides extensive options to customise the appearance and behaviour of your media player; especially important if you want an audio or video player to match your existing RapidWeaver theme or corporate branding. Completed Player stacks are fully responsive and search engine optimised. Lots of extra features are supported; like poster images, preloading, looping, subtitles, realtime GoogleTM Analytics tracking and ending redirects.


What do you do instead Joe?

Use YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. (Although I plan on moving all of my Wistia videos back to Vimeo when I can).

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Vimeo for me: :+1:

There are tons of reasons to use a video hosting service and very few not to. There are a few reasons when it makes sense to self-host (like if you are behind a corporate firewall or in a remote locale like New Zealand) – otherwise a service will save you a bunch of money and headaches.


Vimeo plus seems to be a good option for not a lot of money.

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