Joe Workman's HTML5 video stack. YouTube

Is it possible to use this stack with YouTube hosted video? And if so, what’s the secret –– neither the YouTube embed code nor video work for the link. I do understand that if I host the video on my server but the video files are large and will be better served from TouTube’s optimized video servers. Flex Video works but gives no control over the poster frame unless I’m missing something.

any & all insights appreciated

No, Joe has a YouTube stack for that. The HTML5 Video stack is for videos that are hosted on your server and can not be used with YouTube videos.

Yes, YouTube and Vimeo will be much better for playing on the web vs. self-hosted (unless the video is very short and very small and is used as something like a banner video).

There are lots of ways of dealing with YouTube. One super simple way is to use their embed code. Simply put into an HTML or Markdown stack and it works.

If you want a stack for this than Joe’s stack will certainly do the job. But embed codes are very simple and flexible. (Just click on a share button at YouTube, select Embed, and then choose from amongst the given options.)